Happy Birthday to our precious hime, Kim Himchan!

140224 This is Infinite filming
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jongup’s ideal type ?



Daelo jamming to No Mercy~

what Jongup has to deal with 

Choi Junhong vs. balloons: 1-1

B.A.P performing Check On in Dallas

#ItsBYGDay - 900331 : Today is the day the man, the one of a kind man that has been living for up to 24 years now. He has been an amazing idol to his members, friends, families, mostly his fans. Despite his passion in singing, writing and composing songs, he’s also a thoughtful man about the world. He cares about the children’s education and how they are living in such an underprivileged family. Other than that, he is also a good, respectful leader for their members. I hope we can all be like him. Although these gifs aren’t complete enough to show how I feel and see about him, but we all know that he is beyond all of that. Happy Birthday Bang Yongguk, hope you live a long life. Thank you for leading me to a better world day by day. 


my friend just told me jongup said to the audience “do you wanna” and the crowd answered ‘build a snowman” and he said “to see my sixpack”